About Us

Notorious Stories is a social club for niche perfumery connoisseurs and aficionados. As the founder of this club, my aim is to provide unique experiences in the form of periodic events, organized at select locations, in the most prominent Romanian cities (e.g. Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara) and abroad.

Prior to these events, I collaborate with famous niche perfumery houses around the world and I represent them. I also offer in-depth information and knowledge, about their products, promoting their creations within my community. During the events, I organize live sessions with representatives of various niche perfumery houses.

Apart from niche perfumery houses, I collaborate with companies specialized in skincare products and fashion. Consequently, events organized under the aegis of Notorious Stories also promote professional cosmetic products. Samples of the products are usually handed over to our clients through goodie-bag giveaways.

Last but not least, as the founder of the Notorious Stories, I provide consultancy and coaching services for the participants/subscribers, advising on their choice of perfume, how they should relate to the perfumes they are already wearing, or simply teaching them the basics about perfumery.

Finally, I promote the events of the Notorious Stories on the club’s Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as on my blog (www.izabelacorina.com).

The Brand

Notorious Stories is an invitation to travel in the world of niche perfumery and to discover the message that perfume conveys in its infinite variants. The experience does not stop there, but continues on the skin, with an emphasis on high quality care products.

The story of the club has its beginnings in the spring of 2020, and the increase in the number of members in just a few months, speaks for itself about the need of the public to belong to such an exclusive circle.

Notorious Stories comes together in a refined setting, where members can make informed choices, starting with products that offer vitality, comfort, pleasure and health.


Tel: +40 758 88 22 11


Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm

Our Team

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    Izabela Juncu

    Founder & CEO

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