Notorious Stories 4th edition — Romanian National Opera of Bucharest, September 29th 2021

Opera Națională București
Chopard Collection
Elementals Fragrances
In Astra Fragrances
Institut Esthederm

SEPTEMBER 29th, 2021

A special event has been announced for September 29th, 2021. Notorious Stories Club launched their Exclusive Membership Card

The event took place at the Romanian National Opera of Bucharest, where we presented our card partners from the niche perfumery area of interest: In Astra Fragrances, Elementals Fragrances, Chopard Collection. The participants had the chance to try the Chopard Collection on blotters while being blindfolded, without knowing what perfume are they smelling. We also had a Chandon Champagne tasting run by a renowned sommelier, and we tasted some delicious cookies from our partner,Liberté. Nevertheless, the people present were entertained by a soprano accompanied by live piano and a ballerina.

Each participant received a goodie-bag consisting of samples and products from our partners. Also, we offered them discount vouchers for the Custom-Made suits from Consigilieri.

There were 102 people present, among which a lot of national successful business men and women. There was also a TV station present that filmed parts of our event, in order to create a footage for the news show.

The event has been classified as a great success, having echoes in the online and also written media.

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